Extra Content

EXTRAS TAG - all extras! concept art, doodles, side comics (eventually), asks, etc! (will be organized into sub-tags and linked back here once there is more variety)

CONCEPT ART - what it says on the tin

CHARACTER ASKS - ask the characters questions and they may just answer!

PATREON - see storyboards of the chapters as they come out, and bonus stuff like concept art and doodles before everyone else, and even some sneak peaks for chapters that aren't out yet for just $1 a month!!! also helps support us since Juice is taking time off work to focus on the comic! (the comic will get made regardless of support, monetary or otherwise, since itโ€™s our passion project, but it would really help and encourage us ๐Ÿ˜…)

CAT'S TAG - I (Cat) like to ramble about the story a lot, and also sometimes I post extra doodles, art pieces, and mini sketch comics here :) may give more context to some stuff! (contains some spoilers but I consider them to be minor... I wouldn't post a huge spoiler that I feel is important haha)